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About the Podcast

Into the Archives is a fanfiction podcast where every month host Talia Franks entertains a featured guest with a wild rendition of their latest trip into the fanfic archives. Listen along with guests as they hear stories of wizards, time lords, angels, demons, superheros, warlocks, and kings, a little different from how you’ve heard them before.

About the Host

Talia Franks Host

Talia Franks is an avid fanfiction writer and reader. They wrote their first fanfic at age 12 and have since burned it. Maybe one day they will tell you what it was about. Talia spends most of their time reading and writing, and no, that doesn’t just mean crawling through the depths of Ao3.

In addition to hosting Into the Archives, Talia writes fanfiction under the username Jesmalestiel, which you can find both on Ao3 and on their fanfiction website, Jesmalestiel Tells Tales. They are also co-host of The Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Podcast, a Doctor Who podcast that looks at the show with a critical lens.

Outside of the fanfiction realm, Talia has written critical fandom articles surrounding Harry Potter and Doctor Who, which can be found on Black Girls Create and Nerdist. Ever the writer and poet, more about Talia and their original works can be found on their personal website and blog, Word-for-Sense and Other Stories.